What Size AC Do You Need and Why?

image of different size AC

Determining what size AC you need for your home can be challenging, especially if you don’t know what to look for. However, finding the right size is paramount for experiencing comfort and maximizing cooling efficiency.  With the assistance of 75 Air HVAC experts in Tampa Bay, Florida, you will be able to find what size […]

Does AC make your electric bill high?

image of elderly man reading how his ac made his electricity high

If you’re wondering, does AC make your electric bill high? The answer is yes! Due to rising inflation, it’s natural to be concerned about your air conditioning bill. Since three-quarters of all homes in the United States have AC, this equates to 6% of all energy usage, costing homeowners $29 billion annually.  With these astounding […]

Understanding Average Air Conditioner Warranty Terms in Tampa

torn paper with air conditioner warranty terms and conditions

When purchasing a new air conditioner or considering an upgrade to your existing air conditioning unit, it’s important to understand the terms and conditions of the average air conditioner warranty that comes with it.  An air conditioner warranty provides you with protection and peace of mind in case any issues arise with your cooling system. […]